Headquartered in Texas City, TX and also providing traditional commercial roofing & waterproofing services Brazos Urethane, Inc. specializes in Polyurethane insulation products, more specifically open and closed cell insulation.

In a forward-thinking move over a year ago, Brazos made the switch to paperless safety & production reporting. However, the solution they had in place wasn’t tailored to suit their business, didn’t provide an easy way to gain insights, and came with a hefty per-user price tag.

Workers will now use Harness on their mobile device to conduct & document weekly toolbox talks as well as complete a two-part daily report that includes a comprehensive safety plan for the tasks of the day to be done in the morning. The second part of the report completed in the afternoon records weather conditions and production-related info that can be reviewed in real-time.

The Problem:

Brazos Urethane has grown steadily from a small company operating in South Texas to a sprawling operation with offices in Arizona, California, Louisiana, and Georgia. Sprayfoam is a high performing product capable of producing substantial energy savings combined with air-sealing, all in one product. It is essential that the product is installed safely and properly to realize the best possible performance and ultimate customer satisfaction. With the expanding scope of their operations, Brazos needed an easy way for their field staff to plan for safety and submit reports that could be reviewed by safety staff, project managers, company executives, and customers. At first, they attempted to use a generic application combined with Google drive storage.

“Brazos Urethane is a prime example of a company that had outgrown their homegrown electronic process. said Tom Whitaker, CEO Harness Software. “It was unscalable & expensive. There was also no way for them to create dashboards to ensure that best practices were being followed because reports were essentially fillable PDF’s and not true electronic forms.”

Unless they made a change, Brazos faced higher costs from high per-user fees, increased likelihood of OSHA citations, higher frequency of workmanship defect claims, and more expensive insurance premiums. Not to mention, the higher risk of injury & illness amongst their workers.

The Solution:

Harness is now installed on the mobile devices of each Brazos foreman and superintendent. These workers spend less time completing paperwork while Harness ensures that complete & accurate information is being captured while keeping safety top of mind.

Brazos’ safety director and management can view reports as soon as they’re completed and can monitor compliance with policies via customized dashboards. They can also perform periodic job site inspections and track those results by project, division, or at the individual level. The safety team or ownership now has access to the info they need to make changes and correct behavior BEFORE an incident occurs.

Harness also tracks worker training records so Brazos knows who is trained on what, when the training expires and can easily pass that info along to clients and authorities. We also store important safety documents like policies and SDS, making them available at the fingertips of field workers and subsequently eliminating the large and outdated binders of paper in company trucks.

Harness provides Brazos a dedicated customer success manager that helps them build forms, make changes, and provided ongoing training. Since Harness bills on an inclusive tiered basis, Brazos’ costs will not increase every time they add a new worker.

The Results:

Every day Harness is helping Brazo’s field workers easily evaluate and control hazards that could result in illness or injury. Management is able to closely monitor job progress and address issues before they result in delays or increased costs. Over the coming years, Brazos expects to use the analytics provided by Harness to lower their Experience Modification Rating and save significant money on their workers’ compensation premiums. Something that was not possible using their old system.

“Brazos Urethane as a company made the decision to modernize how they manage safety because they see the moral, financial, and competitive benefits. After experimentation, they realized that an enterprise-class solution like Harness was the way to go. We’re very excited to have the chance to work with them.” said Whitaker.

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Diamond Roofing has two locations in Kansas and provides traditional commercial & residential roofing systems, green roofs, and metal.  Currently operated by the Gwaltney family along with a dedicated team of roofing professionals,  Diamond offers a comprehensive range of roofing services to suit any needs or budget.

At the recent MRCA Conference & Expo in Omaha, Nebraska Diamond Roofing was awarded by the association safety committee with Platinum status as part of their SHARP safety initiative.  This is given to only those firms within the MRCA that demonstrate the highest commitment to safety.  Each award winner must make a submission of safety program information to the MRCA to be considered.   Their safety program is then reviewed & critiqued by MRCA in-house counsel, Gary Auman.


Kevin Gwaltney accepts the Platinum SHARP safety award from the MRCA.


Diamond Roofing uses Harness to manage all of their safety recordkeeping.

Their foreman use Harness daily to conduct pre-trip & post-trip vehicle inspections, toolbox talks, and jobsite hazard analysis.  Diamond employs a full-time safety & quality control manager, Dean Gemaehlich to oversee the activities in the field and he uses Harness to conduct & document safety inspections.  The results are presented in a useful format so that Dean can focus his time and attention where it matters the most.  Best of all, Kevin Gwaltney, his sister Monica Cameron, and the rest of their management team can review real-time dashboards so they know how things are going.

Diamond Roofing, along with KPost Roofing & Waterproofing were two of only a handful of companies that achieved Platinum status this year.  Congrats to both firms!

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KPost Roofing & Waterproofing was recently named 20th overall on the Top 100 Roofing Contractors list. The Dallas company also has the enviable title of “Official Roofer Of The Dallas Cowboys” and 2017 Contractor Of The Year. Founded in 2003, the company has grown to over 400 employees and a whopping $65M in annual revenue.

KPost founders Keith Post, Steve Little, and Jayne Williams worked for another local roofer and struck out on their own with a philosophy of creating exceptional customer experiences and a company culture based on respect & support. That philosophy continues to this day and the results speak for themselves.

The Problem

KPost has dedicated health & safety staff that provide training & coaching but they were struggling to get participation from field staff, manage paperwork, and know where they should be focusing their time & attention. This led to a higher risk of incidents.

The Harness Solution

Harness worked with KPost to create customized electronic forms for job site hazard analysis, safety inspections, incident reports, and more. Coupled with our toolbox talks, training records management, and document storage features, KPost now has a single place to house all of its safety program information. All their safety stuff can be accessed anytime, anywhere from any device.

Field staff complete a weekly toolbox talk based on a topic sent out by the safety staff via Harness. They also complete a daily job site hazard analysis that covers how to avoid the risks that they might experience that day. Safety staff follow up with safety inspections to verify that safe work practices are being used.

All information submitted into Harness is fed into custom dashboards that show KPost management insights such as;

– Who is & isn’t participating in the program
– At what the rate are safety deficiencies occurring on their job sites
– What types of deficiencies are occurring along with their severities

The Results

KPost had a few objectives when they chose to use Harness to better manage their safety program.

– Reduce time spent on administration
– Increase safety program participating & compliance with policies
– Lower risk & workers compensation premiums

One year into their Harness deployment, KPost has achieved the first two objectives. They expect to achieve the third in the next two years as Harness provides the intelligence they need to further strengthen their culture of safety. For KPost, even a small reduction in their EMR will provide them with hundreds of thousands of dollars of savings each year.

“Harness helps our team complete their safety tasks easier and provides me as an owner real-time views of what’s going on. Harness is also helping us fulfill our goal of keeping our workers returning safe to their families each night.” – Steve Little, President of KPost

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