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How Much Does The Harness Safety App Cost?

Tom Whitaker
Tom Whitaker

Tom Whitaker is the Founder & CEO of Harness Software. He is passionate about the convergence of construction and technology. Particularly when it comes to safety on the job site. Tom is a father of three boys and lives near Toronto, Canada.

Cost & Pricing

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Nov 07, 2020

No construction company owner wants their workers to be hurt on the job.  In fact, most are open to exploring any way to make job sites safer before even considering cost because of their moral and legal obligation.  Some purchases, like equipping workers with the proper personal protective equipment for example are fairly understood in terms of what the costs are and how they can go up or down.

But when it comes to the costs surrounding construction safety apps like Harness, there are a number of factors that can affect what your company ends up paying.

That’s what we’re going to discuss in this article.  What the Harness safety app costs.  While we can’t speak for every other software company, we can explain our model, why it works, and how it compares to some others out there.

I’ve deployed Harness to construction companies with as few as ten employees and others with over 2500 employees.  At the time of writing this article, we have over 35,000 daily active users of our system.  

I know what it takes to successfully adopt software like Harness and how the requirements of each company can affect the cost.

Purchasing Harness Software involves two separate financial considerations:

  • A monthly subscription
  • A one-time setup & deployment fee.  

Let’s look at each individually.

Monthly Subscription

Monthly subscriptions for Harness Software are based on the total number of workers in your organization.  

We’ve created tiers in segments of 100 workers starting at $599/month for organizations with under 100 workers.  

These tiered plans go up to $2500/month+ for organizations with 300 workers or more.

What’s Included In The Monthly Subscription?

  • Access to Harness for everyone in your company including subcontractors
  • Unlimited cloud storage for your safety stuff
  • Unlimited custom forms built by the Harness team
  • Amazing support via phone, email, & live chat

How Does Harness Compare To Other Safety Software?

Many software companies have adopted a model of charging for “users.”  In other words, you would pay for each person that you wanted to have access to the software.  This model is cost-efficient if only a small subset of your employees need access to the software.  For example, giving your supervisors access to applications for timekeeping or project management.

Per-user pricing harkens back to the early days of software (ever had to buy user licenses for the Microsoft Office Suite?). However, in certain situations, the per-user model comes with a number of problems.  

Why Harness doesn’t charge on a per-user basis


If you choose to implement safety software to better manage your program, every worker or even subcontractor should be able to access the stuff they need when they need it. But in a per-user model, it’s really hard to know what you’re going to pay.

Since construction company staffing levels fluctuate according to workloads, your price could change every month. 

In a slow month, you might have 30 employees, but in a busy month, you might have 100.  A per-user model would cause your company to pay much more in those busy months.  

We’ve found that company owners prefer cost certainty when making purchasing decisions.

Reducing Administrative Burden

Keeping track of active & inactive users creates an unnecessary administrative burden for your organization.

As we’ve stated above, you’re likely adding and removing workers from your payroll every month.  We think it’s unnecessary for your administrative team to have to take additional steps to remove a person from your safety software so you don’t get charged for them.  

Then, if a worker returns, they have to create their account again.  This may not be much of an issue in a small company, but the larger and more successful you are, the more time and money this could cost you.

Encouraging Open Access

Per-user pricing causes some organizations to restrict access to valuable safety resources in order to save money.  The health & safety of your workers is extremely important.  All construction jobs are dangerous in some way.  Your company is also legally obligated to provide health & safety training and information to ALL your workers.

This is obviously bad. You should want all your workers engaged in the health & safety process.  Not just a select few.  At the very least, you’ll be perceived by your workers as being more interested in cutting costs than in keeping them safe.  At worst, you might find yourself subject to unnecessary OSHA citations or even suffer a workplace injury or death.

A per-user pricing model does work in some cases.  For example, with smaller organizations that don’t have much fluctuation in staffing levels.  However, if your organization has 25 employees or above or you tend to scale up your workforce significantly during busy periods, Harness’ tiered model makes a lot more sense financially.

We acknowledge that $499 per month is a lot for smaller companies, that’s why we offer some a-la-carte options and even free products to those companies that can’t make that investment yet.

Setup & Deployment Fee

The two main reasons why any software purchase fails are lack of customization and lack of training.  

Harness Software charges a one-time setup & deployment fee to ensure that neither of these things happen to you. 

What’s Included In The Setup & Deployment Fee?

The one-time fee covers things like:

  • Custom form building
  • Reports customization
  • Importing safety data from other sources
  • Calls & meetings during the setup phase
  • Creating integrations with other software
  • Travel for onsite training
  • Unlimited follow-up virtual training for your team

The actual amount of the setup fee depends on a few things but a good rule is to use 12 months worth of subscription payments as a gauge.  

For example, a setup & deployment fee for a company on the $599 monthly subscription tier would average $7,200.  

What determines the actual amount of the setup & deployment fee?

Just like when you’re buying a car, the options determine the actual price.  Before you sign up for Harness, we’ll have determined your company’s objectives, the expected complexity of your deployment, and we’ll have provided a set price quote.  

Things that can make a deployment fee more expensive:

  • Setting up a safety program across multiple office sites and/or lines of business
  • Large amounts of custom form builds
  • Training required in multiple locations
  • Complex integrations with external systems

Is the setup fee really necessary?  Can we sign up for Harness without one?

As I mentioned above, the most common reasons why software purchases fail are lack of training and lack of customization.  We charge the setup & deployment fee to make sure we can spend the time with you necessary to avoid those outcomes.  The setup & deployment fee is mandatory for all companies signing up for Harness Software.  

Do I have to sign a fixed-term contract when I sign up for Harness Software?

There are some software companies that require you to sign a fixed-term contract.  

Harness doesn’t require customers to agree to a fixed-term contract because we believe that if the software works the way you need it to and provides value, there will be no need to cancel.  

Our pricing is set up in a way to remove the obstacles to effective adoption so we don’t have to lock you in.

So How Much Will Harness Software Cost For Me?

As we’ve discussed above, the cost of safety software for your company will be determined by a number of factors:

  • How Many Employees In Your Organization
  • Tiered Model vs Per User Model
  • Customization & Training Requirements

Harness software has helped construction companies across North America deploy and easily manage a strong health & safety program.  

Next Actions

If you’d like to better understand the costs & return of investing in Harness Software, we encourage you to contact us for a no-obligation consultation & demo.  We’ve created packages for contractors that have ranged from $599 per month + $5000 setup fee and up.