We help construction companies easily manage health & safety so they can reduce liability and save money.

Feedback From Our Awesome Customers

Harness solves a real problem for our contractors.  Keeping up with safety paperwork.

Bob PopeDirector, Midwest Roofing Contractors Assoc.

I spend less time on administration and more time on site keeping our guys working safe.

Dan WakeleySafety Director, Burns & Scalo Roofing

This saves me hours of work each week and we’re better protected if an incident does occur.

Todd JankowskiOwner, Applied Roofing Systems

Features & Benefits

Ditch Paper. No Learning Curve.

Harness will replicate your forms as an intuitive web, smartphone, or tablet experience.  Toolbox Talks, Checklists, Inspections, Incident Reports, Near Misses, whatever.  No more bad handwriting, missing info, and everything will still seem familiar.  Don’t worry about having to learn a form building tool. We’ll build them for you.

Manage Training Records.

No more messing around with wallet cards or spreadsheets.  Harness let’s you view, share, or generate training records easily whether you’re in the office or on the job site.  We even notify you before training expires so you can take action and stay compliant.

Customize It.

Harness is a platform.  Not a one size fits all.  We want the system to work the way you need it to.  Not the other way around.  Replicating your existing processes eases change.  Got an idea for a new automated process?  Let’s make it happen.

Store Documents.

Your safety program might have thousands of pages of supporting documents.  SDS, policies, manuals, etc…Harness will store it all for you and make things accessible anytime anywhere.  Bookmark things you need often.  Make sure to talk to us about automating SDS updates.  It could save your workers tons of time.

Safety Dashboards

Get a real time view of everything safety on your sites or facilities.  These dashboards aren’t possible when using multiple apps and can be configured to suit your needs.  Harness dashboards help you get better information, quicker. They’re also a great way to share safety information with partners and customers.

Reduce Liability. Save Money.

Harness helps you create stronger, more accurate, and complete records. We provide you the insights to keep your company compliant and we promote a culture of safety.  These benefits all result in lower liability and costs from citations, injuries, and insurance premiums.

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Check our latest news

Harness Software Partners with the Great Lakes Trenchless Association To Improve Safety.

Members get turnkey safety management system.

For Immediate Release:

11/30/16 — Dayton, OH.  Harness Software today has announced a partnership with the Great Lakes Trenchless Association (GLTA) that will see the company deploy a customized version of it’s safety management application to association members.

Launched in 2015, Harness Software has quickly established itself as the leader in strengthening & streamlining safety programs for contractors in all trades.  Harness is extending a 50% discount off regular monthly subscription fees for GLTA members and the association has funded a free trial period for each member interested in the application.

Workers of each GLTA contractor member will be able to access electronic versions of forms such as equipment inspections and job site hazard evaluations and see a summary of safety information by project.  Each contractor will also be able to easily keep track of worker training and store documents such as Safety Data Sheets.  All information can be accessed and forms completed via smartphone or tablet right from the job site.

“Our partnership with Harness Software will help us deliver even more value to our members because it solves a real problem for contractors.  Keeping up with safety paperwork.” says John F. Hendershot, President of the GLTA.

“Harness will allow any GLTA member to deploy and manage a strong health & safety program with little or no effort.” said Tom Whitaker, Founder of Harness.  “In addition to the networking and professional development opportunities offered by the GLTA, this program more than pays for the cost of membership.  Harness saves you so much time and lowers overall liability”.

For many construction-related firms and their personnel, using technology is still a challenge.  Harness has a simple user interface that will seem familiar to those that may have been previously carrying clipboards or binders.  “In the case of the GLTA, we’ve created a template with standard forms and documents for the industry that can be used and customized by any member.” says Whitaker.

We know that safety programs have been viewed as distractions to getting stuff done. When you can make things easier to manage, the negative view tends to change.  This leads to better participation in the program and ultimately to a safer workplace.

GLTA members that wish to begin their free trial of Harness should contact:

Tom Whitaker


+1-716-226 0443

About Great Lakes Trenchless Association:

The Mission of the Great Lakes Trenchless Association is to enhance the skills and credibility of all trenchless constructors and underground construction professionals, develop and exchange industry knowledge, and to promote trenchless methods and underground construction and the understanding of its benefits.

Contact: Rachel Pinkus – Managing Director

(888) 294-0084