All Construction Companies Need A Health & Safety Program.

But with stacks of paper forms, binders, spreadsheets, and having to chase staff for information, it's always been a pain to manage things. The good news? Harness makes it easyso you save time & money.

Get Rid Of Paper Forms. Forever.

Construction workers hate paperwork. That's why Harness replaces paper forms for things like toolbox talks, jobsite hazard analysis, and inspections with customized electronic versions that can be completed quickly & easily on any device. Best of all, we do all the form building for you so you're up and running quickly.

Keep Worker Training Complete & Up To Date.

Harness replaces paper files and spreadsheets used to track "who has what". We make sure records are available anytime, anywhere and that you're notified before training expires so you can take action. Making sure workers are properly trained is key to reducing risk of incidents & OSHA citations.

Know Your Tools & Equipment Are Safe To Operate.

Create an inventory of items and let Harness help you conduct & document inspections at intervals required by health & safety regulations in your area. Items could include vehicles, ladders, personal protective equipment, fire extinguishers, and more. Get notified automatically if an item needs to be repaired or replaced.

The Insights You Need To Improve Safety & Save Money.

Harness provides customized, realtime dashboards that let you know exactly where your attention is needed. You'll be able to stop incidents before they occur and know your workers will come home safe each night. Being proactive also leads to a lower EMR, saving you thousands each year on workers comp premiums.

Safety Is The Best Investment You Can Make.

More productive workers, a stronger culture of safety, less incidents, lower insurance costs, more winning bids.

According to the National Safety Council, every dollar invested in safety returns between two and six. Can you really afford NOT to have a strong safety program? Why would you try to do things manually when Harness can make it easy?

When a company invests in Harness, they immediately see the benefits of automation. Then over time, they save stacks of money. If you're not convinced yet checkout our animated video!

Why Harness?

We are a full service software firm focused on making safety easy for contruction companies of all sizes.
Less Admin Time

We help your team perform safety tasks quickly so they can get back to doing their real work.

Stronger Records

Defend your company from OSHA easily with documentation that is ironclad & organized.

Reduce Incidents

Make better decisions and promote safe work practices and stop incidents before they happen.

Customized For You

Harness works the way you need it to. You don't have to change to fit the system.

Always Available

Your team can access your entire safety program anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Liked by Thousands

Harness is used every day by thousands of workers young & old in nearly every trade.

We want to help construction companies be better.

We firmly believe that technology is the answer to many of the urgent business problems that construction companies face today. But many companies don't know where to start.

From time to time, we'll be posting articles and resources that can help your company with things like communication, sales, project management, recruiting, and of course safety. This is our way to give back to the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the questions we get asked most often.

Harness is an app that works on any device that allows construction companies to better manage their health & safety program. We replace paper forms, track worker training, make sure equipment inspections are documented, and store important documents like SDS.

No. Harness was designed to help any company easily implement and manage a strong health & safety program. Even if you don't have a dedicated person. For larger companies that do have health & safety staff, Harness provides an easy way to collaborate and further reduces administration.

It's a fact that when things are easier, people will do those things. An app like Harness removes excuses that have been used to neglect safety tasks and gets everyone onboard. Your company will have a better culture of safety, experience less incidents, and save time & money.

There are number of things that Harness does to save you money. The first is reducing the amount of time your workers spend on administration. Compared to paper, Harness helps them complete daily safety tasks faster so they can get back to work quickly.

Harness also provides you with the insights you need to improve your safety program over time. This in turn, leads to fewer incidents and lower workers compensation premiums. Your safety rating or EMR is a also used in pre-bid qualifying. The lower it is, the more likely you are to win the job.

Yes. Harness does onsite training for all our customers. We make sure that your team is completely comfortable using the app and then monitor their progress & incorporate their feedback whenever possible.



We are tremendously grateful to the amazing companies that have chosen Harness to better manage their safety programs.